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Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change

Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change and Changing Leaders. Barbara Kellerman

Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change and Changing Leaders

ISBN: 9781422103685 | 305 pages | 8 Mb

Download Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change and Changing Leaders

Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change and Changing Leaders Barbara Kellerman
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

The Courageous Follower; Standing Up To and For Our Leaders, Ira Chaleff – we read how to be good leaders, but here's a book about how to be a good follower (which we all have to be some of the time) Leadership is an equation and both sides need to be Case studies and analysis of how to create an effective change process. If you change their attitudes, their values, their beliefs, their behaviors, you will change your culture. The culture of a company is the behavior of its leaders. Aug 29, 2013 - A great leader creates more leaders: All 'followers' have a unique competency; until the followers discover theirs and begin to pursue it intelligently, a wise leader inspires them and guides them towards its discovery. Feb 22, 2012 - Model the culture you want to create. Aug 19, 2013 - The paper captures contributions made during a panel discussion at the First Academic Symposium on Leadership for Climate Change and Sustainability held at La Trobe University, Melbourne in February 2011. Leadership and followership are always intertwined, neither leader nor follower roles are equated with positions in the hierarchy anymore. The problem with many leaders all around the world however is the corrupted notion of leadership that seeks to maintain 'followers' in that perpetual state of 'follower-ship' by keeping them from discovering and pursuing their own unique greatness. It suffices to say the power to change is in And similarly, because of the interaction between leadership and followership, good followers also produce good leaders and bad followers produce bad leaders. Apr 28, 2012 - So she told a recent St. Apr 29, 2010 - Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change and Changing Leaders (Center for Public Leadership) by Barbara Kellerman. These characteristics create monovocal or monochromatic organisations that lack a diversity of perspective. "Followers are changing leaders," she contends. Feb 16, 2011 - When the organization's requirement for change is dictated by the followers, good leadership sustains the flow with machineries of leadership it possesses such as planning, direction, coordination, discipline and leading by example. Mar 25, 2014 - A list of books, articles, videos & podcasts for leaders to develop their skills in influence, motivation, change, followership and more.

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